Setting up SSD caching and RAID AFTER Win 7 Home OS installation

I want to cache to my new 64GB SSD and use Intel RST . I've already installed the OS but I know that I can switch to RAID mode WITHOUT re installing Windows. I put together my gaming rig a while back myself but I'm still not very good with software, and this will be the first time i mess with this stuff. I need step by step instructions if that's possible and any help will be greatly appreciated. I want to use RAID level 0. I know where to download the Intel RST RAID drivers and I also know that I need to:

a) apply the registry tweak HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Iastorv

b) install the RAID driver
c) connect the caching SSD
d) set up caching with RST

I just dont know exactly HOW to do all of this and am not confident enough to try and figure it out myself. I got those instructions from:

Again, any help will be greatly appreciated

Also, I only have a single 1TB HD
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  1. HERE is a good guide from Intel with pictures to supplement that very good step by step guide.

    If you only have one SSD, you are far better off installing Windows on the SSD and not using the cache. If this is an additional SSD then it makes more sense.
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