Looking for new memory kit, Is DRAM voltage important?

hi fellas,

First off; sorry for wall of text.. but I need guidance - I've got a new rig, and obviously need new ram for it. currently only have 1333 c7 ram in it, want newer and faster and better.

I'm gunning for 16GB to make sure I don't have to upgrade within a few years. I mainly use my rig for BF4 in ultra settings, but I also do some rendering and video editing and other bizz...

anyhoo - I'm rambling on... - Which memory kit to get?

I've been reading up on tCL vs frequency - and by this table I got a little more confused, but found out that the sweetspot on haswell seems to be around 2133 C9 ..

however - people also advice me, to find ram at 1.5 Voltage, since this is what's recommended by Intel for Haswell - meaning, that I'ld have to "settle" with an 1866 mem kit.

My setup is:
Z87 Sabertooth
Corsair H100i cooling,
Evo 840 250gb ssd
XFX Black Edt. HD7970

particularly I've set my eyes on these 2 gems:

2 kits of (2 x 2x4GB) :

G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3-1866 C8 DC - 8GB
CL8-9-9-24, 1.5 V

1 kit of (2x8GB):

G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3-2133 C9 DC - 16GB
CL9-11-11-31, 1.6 V

the later 2133 kit, is 1.6V - will this have any impact? Even if cpu-fan is Intel-stock?

Ideally there is no budget constraints… however - I'ld prefer to not to spend 40-50$ for a 1-3% performance gain from on or another.

I have no specific plans on over clocking but am not dismissing it complete either..

hope someone has a few cents to spare - thanks in advance
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  1. Get the one kit G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3-2133. Because the i4770K support up to 1600mhz ram, over that you need OC the ram and also you need up the voltage too that why the 2133mhz has the 1.6V. But don't over 1.65V. The 1.5V is for standard 1600mhz RAM only.
  2. Only use a single kit of RAM. 1.65V is fine for Haswell, all top end RAM is 1.65V

    Special deal that ends tomorrow!


    Thank you
  3. Yep 1.5 is basically aimed at the recommended DRAM of 1333/1600 calls for when running the CPU at stock. I stick with 1.5 on 1866 and below, from 2133 on up 1.6-1.65 is perfectly fine, though don't buy over 1.65
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