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Ok bought a new system, i5 3750k, p8 z77v lk asus mb. 16 gig of corsair ram. According to Open hardware monitor and cupid when underload the chip is getting 1.408 volts.( I think that's high, but most settings are on auto) Anyways, the question that I have is the X60 software is showing Liquid temp to be a nice 37c(99F)(underload) However the cpu is a toasty 79-80c(176-180F) Is this sounding correct? I've reseated the water block 3 times. Cleaning off all paste in between reseats and reapplying AS5. still... things look wrong to me.
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    Well first I would look about lowering that voltage. If you are not overclocking ensure things like LLC are OFF

    The fluid temperatures are always going to be lower than the cpu temperature because the cpu temperature is in the core while the fluid is taken above a heat spreader/cold plate and into the liquid.

    With 3 remounts, chances are you did ok.
  2. Ok took offset voltage off of auto. Set it at 1.272v. Cpu cores are at 140-150 under load. I was just very concerned about the vast difference between the cpu temp and the liquid temp in the cooler. I though it was too far of a variance. Guess I was wrong. Thank you for your fast response.
  3. When I get a chance to check, I will see what my 2600K shows(H80i has a "liquid" sensor, but it is just touching the block inside), but the 2600k runs cooler than the 3750.

    I do not remember it getting too hot.

    I know with an all in one on my video card at 60c the rad temp is under 40 for sure.
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