ZOTAC 780 GTX SLI Which power supply should i get?

Hi All

Its my first post here :D, I bought a GTX 780 reference, last weekend (btw its awesome!!) also bought a CoolerMaster M2 Silent Pro 720W (Bronze Certified).
.. I am wondering If I wanted to buy another one for a SLI in a while, is that enough power for all my setup?.. The Idea is not spend unnecessary money.

i7 3770k @4.2
16RAM 4x4 1600mhz
ASUS p877-m
GTX 780 (zotac)
SSD Samsung 120gb

Thank you very much to all!!!! realy!!..
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    It would be on the low end since 850 is recommended it will though most likely run it.
  2. Run a test here and see what you draw. It should give you a good foundation moving forward.

    I have an 850watt PSU, purchased when I SLI'd...though I wasnt having issues running my set up (below) on the previous 650watt PSU. Better to have more than enough, than to be on the edge though
  3. Thanks guys for the replies!
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