Bios Beep codes Asus motherboard one long two short beeps

When I first start up my computer its beep codes are 1 long 2 short and no video. After holding down pwr button and restart computer comes goes through a normal boot until it gets to
American Megatrends screen
"overclock fail press F1 to change setup
press F2 set default and continue with normal boot"

Pressing F2 comp will go through normal boot and seems to operate fine
Pressing F1 will often start the process over again from scratch even if I set everything to default in the BIOS page and save, then it returns to no video 1 long 2 short
My computer is not and has never been overclocked and this only started happening after adding 2 sticks of RAM bring total RAM to 4gig
Operating system is windows XP
Intel P4 Cpu getting long in the tooth I know and not sure of the motherboard ASUS is about all I know.
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  1. Hum let me see,

    You say it only started happening when you added two more sticks of 1Gb each.

    At a guess that tells you that the two stick that were in, and the two new sticks you just put in are.

    A: Not running at the same speed.
    B: Have different memory timing values.

    Have a check.

    The fix, move the slowest two sticks of memory to the first two memory slots.

    Dimm A1 Dimm B1

    And the ones faster in speed too.

    Dimm B1 Dimm B2.

    Or in the bios set the memory speed of the ram, and the timing values of the lowest rated sticks ok. Eg : Speed 800Mhz Timings 4-4-4-12.
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