BF4 Stuttering Problem ? can someone help ? :D

I have super wierd stuttering problems even on the lowest setting
check out the Specs..
AMD FX6100
650TI Boost 1GB
8GB RAM 1x Kingston 1x Crosair (I know not rly the best idea xD)
700W PSU Bequiet
990FXA - UD3
3x Hard drives

I rly wnat to play this game but this stuttering is a Kick in the NUTS :S

Any help would be Great Thanks :D
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  1. The game has a lot of bugs right now. Everyone is experiencing these issues.
  2. Does it stutter in single player as well? (That's the best way to test if the game is working as intended).

    I just have the stuttering every now and then due to internet nonsense (even though my ping is usually among the top 5 lowest in the match).

    I always make a joke and say "I love how my ping is 5 but I'm lagging"

    This is usually due to some douchebag with a ping of 500-1000 who should really go back to playing MS DOS games with his 56k modem :P

    Anyway to answer your important question because few things are more important than playing BF4 :)

    If you have confirmed that it's not the game (if single player works fine), then it's possible it's the servers you are playing on (try a smaller map) and trust me their servers still have allot of problems.

    Then it lets you connect, then it doesn't.

    Just preserver, keep trying and you will land on that 1 server where you will only lag for 10 seconds - 1 minute (throughout the time period not at once) every 4 hours :)

    Also make absolutely sure your drivers are up to date, AV (anti virus) is set to game mode, all that nonsense you know the drill... :)

    Then just pray they release another patch soon, yesterday's patch fixed allot of bugs but not nearly enough
  3. @Christian & Philip
    That must be It Thanks guys thought my system would be the Problem :S I got an FX6300 today for the future games heheh ^^
    Altho i found a really funny solution....
    For the Nvidia 650 TI Boost 1 GB
    I instaled a previous driver (320.18) and guess what its Stuttering aka Lag aka freeze Free dont know why tho.....
    you think it might be a Driver Problem ?
  4. You really don't want any old drivers (I am not sure because my drivers were up to date before I installed but I am pretty sure the game won't work with the old drivers so update them asap)

    Lag is also caused by someone in the map having a abnormally high ping (anywhere from 200 upwards)

    ^ That can sometimes cause you to lag even if you have a ping of 5 (But I mentioned this in my previous post also I am just reminding you so you know)

    Then the lag is also caused by Battlelog themselves.

    We need patches urgently. My advice keep trying (you will eventually land on a server that doesn't lag as often (once every 5-10 mins but only for a few seconds or if you're lucky not at all))

    Play those games as much and for as long as you possibly can.

    Then once the lag starts head on to Single player (you can earn tags, knives and guns there) So it's worth it to play it at least one playthrough. (just repeat the last mission 3 times for all the guns)

    I am going to play singleplayer this weekend just to rush those guns right now I'm 3/7 but I missed the one tag at nr3 (don't want to spoil it so I will just say it's name, Agent Kovic) so I need to redo that mission also.
  5. Guys, run battlefield 4 in 32 bit. It solves most of the problems
  6. ^ I strongly disagree with that.

    The only reason most of your problems are solved is because of a 1GB update yesterday...

    Also allot of server issues were not fixed (only game issues were fixed)

    In fact I struggle more now than before, game crashes more, servers crash (servers that never crashed). They know about these issues they caused because they sent out messages saying they know about it so if you say you're not getting it you would be lying :)

    Not saying you are though...

    I am just saying most in game issues were addressed with yesterday's patch, unfortunately they screwed up the servers now and need to patch that asap also.

    I could only play like 4 games due to the problems...
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