PC wont start only Black screen

Hello i purchesd Patririot 4gb 1600mhz ram stick and i want to use it with my transcend 2gb 1333mhz ram stick but when i insert the ram my pc starts but i only have a black screen,keybord is off and mouse also off..My motherboard is a MSI G41M-P26.can any one help me please
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  1. don't mix and match ram... pull out the transcend and see if your system will boot. if it won't then the issue is the patriot ram. if it will then the issue is mixing and matching two sticks of different ram. you'll need to downclock the patriot to match the transcend's speeds and CAS... then you might be able to add the transcend back into the system.
  2. nope thats like trying to shove a 8 cyl engine next to a 6 cyl engine and trying to get the timing of the 6 cyl to match that of the 8 cyl. It just isnt going to work.
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