PSU with more than 4 molex connectors?

I was wondering if any one in the toms hardware community knows of any Power Supplies that have more than 4 molex adapters or a way to get around it like adding more molex adapters onto a power supplies.
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    What do you need more than 4 molex connectors for in the first place?

    The reason most power supplies don't come with a ton of them is because most people don't need more than 1 or 2 for fans, so giving you 8 is just a mess of wires for no good reason. You can get Y splitters for molex connectors, or longer strings that turn 1 into 4, its just most people have no use for them. Assuming you aren't using the adapters to cheat and feed an 8 pin PCI-e connector you will be fine
  2. Many 600+W PSUs have 6-8 molex connectors. Depending on what you need them for, you can use 2:1 splitters. Not many things require those these days with PCIe and SATA power connectors being the norm for nearly everything.
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