Should I buy a new PC or upgrade my current one?

I have been adding/subtracting parts to my current PC for about a year and a half now, but I do not feel it is sufficient. I find my PC to crash alot and overheat. What I want to be able to do with my PC as of right now is live stream the majority of games at 720/1080p. My Current Build: AS Rock Extreme 3 970 AMD FX 8350 1 tb hard drive 7000 rpm Kingston Hyper x red (8gb) Radeon HD 7770 ThermalTake Smart M 850w PSU 2 Case Fans

Should I sell my PC and get a 11/12 hundred dollar PC or add new components to my current one?
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  1. You have a good processor, and motherboard for single graphics cards. Just invest in a new graphics card and maybe an SSD and you will be better off. You would get diminishing returns if you sold that, and that graphics card is very weak compared to the cpu.
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    If your pc crashes a lot and overheats, you may have an issue with airflow or one or more components is faulty (is the cpu overheating? The gpu? The psu?).

    Other than that, your PC is already good to go for a few years, save the graphics card. That's really the only thing I would upgrade. Any other upgrades would be mostly parallel to what you already have. You could try to get an SSD, but that might be a hassle.
  3. I honestly think you should just add components and keep it. You could also upgrade parts and as soon as you upgrade the certain parts you could sell them.

  4. Thanks everyone, so I should shoot for a new GPU and a SSD, and possibly trouble shoot airflow issues?
  5. That would be just about everything you need!
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