Single graphics card in PCIe 2.0 x4

So I blundered and bought a thermalright silver arrow SB-E for my micro atx board without checking the dimensions. I now have only a single PCIe 2.0 x4 slot for my graphics card.

My questions is, which graphics cards will I start seeing significant performance bottlenecks from using this slot?

I have a single 1440p monitor and only casually game.

Damn this heatsink is FAT! (cause I just needed to let it out)

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  1. Anything above a GTX 650 will be seriously bottlenecked. It's not worth the effort, you won't be able to play very many games at 1440p with that handicap.
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    Can you turn the cooler by any chance? I am sure even with just the single fan that thing will cool your system(or middle fan and pull fan on the other side?).
  3. I dont think it'll be that bad.. (i'm allowed to post to other forums right)
    Its outdated but radeon 6970 seems to do ok on pcie 2.0 x4, although i'm wary for anything above

    @nukemaster, haven't installed yet but i think the cpu heatsink will touch the ram heatsink if I do that

    EDIT: nvm I see what you mean and it should work
  4. For future reference. The NH-D14 seems to fit most MATX boards(the fan clips may need a bit of a bend, but it fits.).

    You are right that unless you are into VERY high end cards pci-e 2.0 @ x4 will work ok(GTX 680 looses about about 12 %).

    I just think using the fastest slot you have is a good idea :)
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