Horrible lag spikes

My 660 ti is lagging horribly going from 60 to 0 in seconds making games impossible
it seems like my graphics card is dead for gaming as its useless in games
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  1. Is it only online games? If it is then its server lag. Other than that your GPU might be dead. WHat kind of games are you playing?
  2. gta iv, minecraft, 7daystodie
  3. get back to the basic...
    driver update/ windows update
    system maintenance - defrag/clean up
  4. tried that
  5. disable some useless services that might cause errors to your system....most of them are outdated printers and scanner services..
  6. I reinstalled windows to no avail
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    Your GPU might be overheating and shuts down and turns back on. Or you motherboard PCIE slot is messed up.
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