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So I recently bought a new motherboard(msi z87-g45), psu(corsair 750w), and a new mid tower ATX case. When I attempt to power on my computer, I can hear and see all my fans running, the case's, gpu's, and cpu's. My motherboard also indicates that it is running. Now when I plug my HDMI from my TV to my gpu there is no signal? I've tried everything, I tried plugging in my HDMI to my motherboard and when I do that everything shuts off? Need help asap, thanks.
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  1. can you try a vga cable? sometimes by default some bio's won't display from an hdmi. If that doesn't work remove the video card and try again. You should also make sure all cables are properly installed, a few people had issues like this and it was as simple as not having one of the power cables plugged into the socket all the way. I would just go back through your system take it apart again and look for something like bent pins on your motherboard. Another thing you can try is just having one ram module installed and then with no optical drive or hard drive installed with just you motherboard and video card on the box try booting it up that way. If your motherboard doesn't have a button just use a flat head screw driver and make contact to where you would originally plug in your umbilical cables to the headers, see if that works. if not try using your older power supply with just the motherboard without the video card to isolate a power supply issue. or use your new power supply on your older system to see if it works. but most likely if your video card and everything else worked before hand, it would pin point it to your motherboard. you could possibly flash your bio's with a newer version from msi as well.
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