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Well im not sure i heard western digital black is really good how about the western blue? and which one would be better seagate or western digital for 1-2 tb pls help! i need it to be below 90 dollars or less! pls help
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    I have the western blu good drive so far own 3 and I have several seagates good drives as well as for the black I dont have but saw some iffy reviews on some models on newegg but it happens to all the drive makers. Take it with a grain of salt.

    Just my 2 cents!
  2. how about seagate barracuda?
  3. I think they changed the name now the barracuda is now a older model and the name does not make it any faster in no means ... check out the eggs site

    maybe this will help..
    If you want fast and speed I suggest a SSD drive but for that price you give up gigabytes for speed and not space.
  4. ssd is expensive and i use most of my money for the video card im trying to get 1tb or 2tb what would u choose?
  5. Are you in the us?
  6. I have one of these works fine if your in the us this is a good buy..
  7. ill check it out
  8. Get a WD Black 1TB. I like WD a lot more than Seagate although I would trust either one.
  9. Seagate barracuda has better read speeds than the Caviar Blue. The write speeds are about equal on Barracuda and WD Blue

    Write Speeds : WD Caviar Black > WD Caviar Blue ~ Seagate Barracuda (almost equal)

    Read Speeds : WD Caviar Black > Seagate Barracuda > WD Caviar Blue

    So, I would personally prefer the Seagate Barracuda more.
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