Is an upgrade from a 7870 to a r280x worth it?

I have this one.

This is the other option.

The R290 wasn't out of the question until I read about the 95 degree heat it puts out! I don't have an aftermarket cooler, so that didn't sound too appealing.
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  1. you are really the only one who can determine if its is worth it...but if you are happy and can wait its almost always best to do so. I had a 6970 from day one all the way up to about a month ago when I got a 7950. To be honest I could have pry waited longer but I saw a good deal for one at 215 so I had to take it.
  2. The higher you go the better the upgrade. I would say the 280X is an OK upgrade but with a powerful card like the 7870 why not wait until the 290 cards start coming with better cooling solutions.
  3. Since the 280x is a rebranded 7970, you can use these benchmarks to see the full comparison between the 7970(280X) and the 7870 cross fire. You will see the cross fire 7870 easily slaughters a single 7970, or one 280x if you prefer to call it like that.

    Go for the 7870 Crossfire.
  4. Unfortunately, my MOBO doesn't support crossfire. I only have one pci-e slot.
  5. Not really worth an upgrade to 280 IMHO, 290 yes if your going to be OCing using multiple monitors and things of that nature you would definately need a cooling system. If your using a single monitor and small OCing you could again in my opinion get away with not having to have a cooling system. My reference is my 770 never had nor wanted to OC it. I play everything on Ultra settings I've never even heard it scream at me. Use 1 monitor about to have a second in 3 weeks. The 290 is .1% more noisy than my 770. Performance wise its a No on the 280, a definate yes on the 290, but like you the temp is an.... interesting trade off but if you are using it stock or slight OC and 1 monitor you should be absolutely fine temp-wise. I would skip the 290 and go GTX780 for $70 more or probably less than +$70 now. Better performance than the 290 and you wont be spending more on a cooling unit. Anyways the 290 is a great card if it fits your gaming wants taking in consideration what I've stated then go get that beast.
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    Wait for the R9 290 non-reference card for better cooling and a bunch of other treats under the hood.
    This will be a worthy upgrade.
  7. I saw Asus is about to release their 290 if its like their 280 itll be direct CU which will help drop the temp. Other than Gigabyte I believe Asus is the ebst at keeping GPU's cooler than the other's.
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