What should I set my ram votage to?

Hey there,

I have an EVGA x58-SLI-LE mobo (6 ram slots).
I recently filled all 6 slots with Viper DDR3 4gb sticks that are rated 1.5v. There's 24gb in total now, but when I render out videos I'm only seeing a maximum of 8gb being used.
(all ports/sticks are good)

I vaguely remember hearing that you want to up your memory voltage if you're using all available slots. Is that true? Should I bump up to 1.55v or something to be safe? ...or did I dream that?

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  1. Hi,
    1) Does MEMTEST (or Windows Memory Diagnostic) report the correct amount of memory?
    (May be in MegaBytes which is 1024 x 1GB)

    2) Does the TASK MANAGER in Windows show the proper amount of memory?
    (CTRL-ALT-DEL-> Task Manager-> Performance)

    I have Windows 8 now which shows the Total just above the "memory usage" graph. I forget how W7 lays it out.

    3) If ALL your memory is detected by Windows then it's all available. Thus, if only 8GB is being used then that's all your program needs to render the video (or else there's a setting in the program limiting the amount it can use).
  2. Have a feeling it's not seeing all, or the sticks don't want to play - is all the DRAM out of a single package or have you purchased more than 1 set of DRAM that has gone into the rig - let us know the model number(s) of the DRAM along with your CPU, OC if any and system voltages
  3. Hey I think I figured out part of the ram usage problem. System preferences are showing:
    Installed memory 24GB (16 usable). So I take it, it's all there and registering.
    However, while I was in there I realized I'm running Window 7 Home Premium... That limits at 16gb.. Lame~

    Let me know if that doesn't sound like the sure answer for the ram usage problem.

    But still curious if I should up my Ram voltage. Here's the specs --> (no OC)

    Mobo: EVGA x58-SLI-LE
    Processor: i7 920@2.67GHz
    DRAM: PV38G160C0K (three different 8GB sets, 2x4GB)

    CPU VCore: 1.24375V
    CPU VTT Voltage: +0mv
    CPU PLL VCore: 1.800V
    QPI PLL VCore: 1.100V
    DIMM Voltage: 1.500V
    DIMM DQ Vref: +0mV
    I0H VCore: 1.100V
    I0H/ICH I/0 Voltage: 1.500V
    ICH VCore: 1.100V
  4. Best answer
    DRAM voltage is fine, but feel free to bump to 1.55, it's perfectly safe and may even increase performance a bit, but while on Home Premium, may want to drop to 12-16 gb - you can't use the odd 8, but it's stressing the MC (memory controller to no gain to you
  5. Thank you so much. Huge help you guys!
  6. No worries, have a good 1 !
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