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I have Time Warner/Roadrunner internet and the speed should be 54 mbps and for the most part it is. It's hooked up to my Netgear router and we have like 4 devices on the Wi-Fi. Speed is fine and dandy 54-48 mbps all day long. But for some reason around midnight to 2am almost every day for a week now it drops from 54 to 12mbps to 32mbps over and over to the point I can't keep a skype call or game...
I have unlimited internet and bandwidth and it happens to one of my friends as well but his is during the day.
This just started happening recently. I've reset my computer, router, and modem. Nothing changed. And it's only at this time...
What should I do? I don't know if I can call them cause it's all my moms information not mine, so I don't know if I need her info to access the account or whatever.
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  1. ask your mom to call them for this .
  2. scout_03 said:
    ask your mom to call them for this .

    Honestly my mom is clueless when it comes anything to do with internet and tech. What should I have her say? Ask why my bandwidth/speed is dramatically dropping around the same time each day? :/
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    to tell them that you pay for the 58 mbps and suddenly it drop to 12 and 32 she could tell them she nto satisfied for the service and whant what she pay for all the time also ask them to check this and solve it .
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