Please help me select a graphics card for new age gaming! :)

I am currently looking forward to the new ps4 and xbox one release; because, that means a lot more games with high res models and textures will be available for pc. Now I can't even run some 2013 games on max settings, so I want to upgrade my system with a graphics card or whatever it takes to run next gen games at best or close to best graphics. Below I will post my all pieces of my hardware via links to (case) (operating system) (RAM) (Motherboard) ( Processor) (Graphics Card)
The rest is just power supply, so not relevant, neither is case or OS really.
Now I would prefer if possible to stay at the $200 dollar price range, but I'm willing to go over if that's what it takes. Please offer me some suggestions. Maybe I could link the graphics card I already own to another one, or something, idk. I'm willing to consider all valid options.
If I desperately need more ram or another piece of hardware, let me know! Thanks everyone!
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  1. A better gpu is needed for max settings, a 7870 might be cheap if you can buy from newegg, and that card can go max settings on most games
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    well you cant sli with that board so new video card is your only choice. Unless you find a budget board that an sli, and your psu is powerful enough and another 560 which by the point it would be a wasted investment in my eyes. Try to wait and see if maybe you can get a 7950 on sale or maybe even a 760. I saw them drop as low as 200 but its quite rare, usually hover the 250 market.
  3. I'd look for at least the 7870, a 7850 would get you close
  4. I would skip the 7870 found a 7950 for 212 in about 5 minutes of looking
  5. immortalpenguin9 said:
    I would skip the 7870 found a 7950 for 212 in about 5 minutes of looking

    yeah probably in christmas
  6. Thanks for the info. Now I noticed that my current gpu is 2.0x16 and the newer models like the 7950 is 3.0x16. Will my motherboard support that/fit it?
  7. 2.0 and 3.0 pcie has been asked forever....
    3.0 is compatible even with pcie 1.1
    thats how irrelevant pcie 3.0 is
  8. yes it will fit and run just fine...and to potpolima no it all depends on where you look, i can order it right now and have it tomorrow.
  9. Okay, so do you guys think this will run the next generation video games at max settings?
  10. i have a 7950 and love it. most games at max settings. far cry 3 i backed down to high but that's because i cant stand being under 60fps at anytime
  11. this is all at 1080p btw. If your monitor resolution is lower you will obviously run faster.
  12. My monitor resolution is 1920 x 1080. Do you think if I buy the Radeon 7950 it will keep up with the new games for the next gen systems coming out? I don't want to have to upgrade again during next gen game releases. I want to get close to max settings for new games like dragon age 3 and watch dogs or whatever new games coming out will be.
  13. I would believe so...its still a very powerful card and remember max settings sometimes is things you will never even notice...and also remember games like far cry 3 and crisis 3 were both meant to push current gen tech to its limits.
  14. By the way, which radeon hd 7950 are we talking about? There are a lot of different versions, which is best around 200 dollar range?
  15. none
  16. don't worry I pmed you where to find it
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