Asus Maximus VI Hero automatically loads to BIOS on start up

Hi all, finished my first build ever today and I'm having a bit of trouble. My Asus Maximus VI Hero continually boots to BIOS on each start up. I've changed my boot priority to my HDD and disabled all other options but still nothing. I'm able to manually force it to boot from the HDD but that's a less than ideal situation. Now I'm not super tech savvy but I'll try to answer any questions you guys have. Thanks for any help!
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  1. Hi,
    Try enabling CSM in BIOS (Boot Menu), disabling Fast boot and setting Secure boot to other OS.
  2. No luck. I fiddled around more in the BIOS and it seems as though it won't boot from any device. I put my Windows disk in and set it as the priority (disabling all other boot options) and nothing; straight to BIOS. It won't boot from my HDD, DVD drive or USB port. It recognizes my HDD and DVD drive under the SATA options and I am able to perform a boot override and force it to load from HDD or DVD but it simply won't boot from them on it's own :(
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    Then try updating the BIOS if newer version available and then clearing the CMOS.
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