Can I plug a powerstrip into a pass through Power line adapter?

I only have one available power point in my room for my computer but I really need to put in power line networking, is it possible to plug my surge protector into the pass through feature on a power line adapter? Would the signal be disrupted? Would the power be disrupted?

Much like the tick above?
I was going to go for a lower end adapter as that is all I can afford: (NZ Store)

Thanks, Ben
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  1. Are you proposing to use a wireless powerline adapter? If so, I think it should plug into the four gang extension socket. With wired powerline it should make no difference.
  2. So plugging a standard wired powerline connector into a wall socket and then running my power strip through the pass through should be alright?
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    the power line will get fride if there is a surge but you have to risk it to get thr best signal, as long as you don't go over the amp rating of the plug 13A it should be fine.
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