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i have bought a z87-g45 gaming mobo for my new build and a 500r case, however i am not sure where to connect all the pins from the panel onto the mobo, i have plugged in the usb 3.0 and the audio (at least i think i've plugged them in the right places), but i am not sure where to plug in the cable that says "1394" and those tiny pins that is labeled: led, h.d.d led, sw reset, etc. also the remaining 3pin connector is for the side fan? also how do i connect power to the panel? i feel i am such a noob with alt this cabling :(
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    You're talking about the front panel I assume? Look in the mobo box and it should have a diagram in the manual, you'll likely be looking for a block of pins to connect the LED/Power buttons.
    You might need to do that thing that guys hate so much and look at a manual - I did! :)
  2. yeah looked in the manual now, connected the led/power cables, but the manual didn't say anything about where to plug in the 1394 labeled cable though
  3. If I was you, I'd leave it for now and just continue on, when you figure it just got back. As long as you've got the essentials that can wait I guess. Have a look around the forums as I'm sure there is someone else who has been curious on the same thing.
  4. guess so, my gpu won't be here till tuesday so got 4-5days to figure it out :) thanks anyway
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