New Build - BF4 Problem with GPU & DirectX 10.0

Ok so I build my first computer yesterday, I installed a GTX 660 FTW SIG2 GPU and installed all the latest drivers, I then install BF4, once clicking on a server to play the game connects to the cloud then I get an error " DirextX Device Creation Error, your computer does not meet the minimum requirements for this game (which it does) "NVIDIA Gforce GTX 660 does not support DirectX 10.0 which is required"

Please help!
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  1. What drivers did you install? Were they on a disc that came with the card, or did you download them from nVidia?
  2. This is a problem for me aswell.. Althought my graphics card is weak for this game (Radeon 6670), it is a DirectX 11 Card yet I get this same problem.
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