USB over current status detected, computer will shut down in 15 second......

I am getting the following error
"USB Device Over Current Status Detected !!"
"System Will Shut Down After 15 Seconds"
I have perform below mentioned activity
1.Disconnect power cables
2 Disconnect all devices connected through USB ports.
3.Then press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds and release power button the motherboard on a non conductive surface.
5.Disconnect the front panel USB cable from motherboard.
6. Remove the battery and change the jumper for few second.
7.reconnect every thing except the front panel USB cable,
but when powering the motherboard getting same error. I am using PS2 keyboard and mouse.

Help please.
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  1. I am getting nervous, decide to replace it............Not getting any solution
  2. please help
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