can 2GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT750M run corel draw latest version and Rhinoceros?

im looking for a laptop which can run coral draw and rhinoceros software whithout any flaws or hanging in the middle ? multitasking is part of my job and long working hours as well , i am basically confused between nvidia and amd radon graphic cards , i have heard that nvidia is good for graphics as compared to radon , bt the laptops which im looking for in dell are coming with amd
radon graphics are cheap as compared to nvidia graphics card ., please suggest which options to look foward to ?recently i have discoved dell inspiron 15 7000 series which comes with 4th gen intel core i5-4200u processor(3m 5cw3pc catche,up to 2.6 ghz) it has a 6gb dual channel ddr3l 1600 mh memory and 500 gb 5400rpm sata hard drive. is this model good enough or i should look in for i7 processors with greater catche memory etc . ??

looking foward to your reply
regards swati bakshi.
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  1. nVidia have a technology called cuda that allows the graphics chip to help image processing , encoding and other repetitive task.

    AMD have the same , but better , using an open standard that any developer can write software for . For that reason AMD have more people writing more software to run better on their graphics systems . Adobe and all the big players have been onboard for a while .

    Your best performance will come from an actual quadcore processor . Use an i7 if you want a powerful laptop
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