Sapphire R9 280X TOXIC VS Vapor

I am was thinking about getting a two way crossfire r9 280x config.
I like the sappire toxic but is it more expensive that all the rest.
I would like to know weather it is worth it?
Iv read that It can get close to the GTX 790 when overclockd.
(or maby it was the 780) which gtx is the next level above the 280x? it was that one.
is that true?
Is it worth the extra over the vapor? whats the difference?
and will the toxic fit next to each-other?
my mobo is a gyrphon z87 and i think it only has two gpu slots.. I think.

Thank you
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    The Toxic has their Tri-X (3 Fan) cooler and does a phenomenal job. The Vapor-X is a dual fan cooler which is still one of the best. The Toxic comes Overclocked out of the box and still has a fair amount of overclocking potential. It is a great card. I would personally get two of them over the standard 280x.

    They are dual slot cards so they will fit fine in crossfire. Just make sure you have a hefty PSU since they are power hungry cards.
  2. Thank you, Im getting 1200w psu. should be good :)
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