Video_scheduler_internal_error sapphire 7950

Having the same problem on windows 7. Keep getting BSOD after putting my desktop to sleep. Running the latest CCC. So I decided to upgrade it to win8.1. Fresh install everything but still has this error. I think it's hardware error. But idk which one. But definately not the RAM because I replaced it and still giving me the error.
The onlyway to overcome this error is NOT to turn off my desktop after it works properly after 1-5 shutdown and power it back on attempts.
I know it still works but it is getting to my nerve for not able to put to sleep mode.
Counter measures that I tried:
Restarting computer,
Fresh install of CCC,
Fresh windows install.

Should I RMA my GPU?

Spec: amd fx6300 stock cooling
8 gb corsair vengance
Msi mobo 970a-g46
Sapphire 7950 100352-2L

I need help.
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  1. Are you overclocking anything (CPU, GPU, memory)? Also, what make/model of power supply (PSU) are you using?

    I have found that not enabling sleep and hibernate, at all, solves most of these issues. Win 7 has multiple known issues with these features and they can be a royal pain to resolve. Just something to consider as well.
  2. All stock. Not a single OC. My PSU is corsair cx600. Its more than enough I believe lol. And how do you "not enabling sleep and hibernate" thingy?
  3. Control Panel/Power Options/

    Click on Change Plan Settings for the profile you are using. Then click on Change advanced power settings.

    Adjust Sleep and Hibernate as desired.

    Good luck!

    BTW, your PSU should be good to go.
  4. So the solution to this is by not turning off my desktop?
  5. Don't use sleep or hibernate. Just power down the rig when not in use.
  6. The problem also occurs when I shut down the rig. I need to re-shut it down a couple times to get it working again.
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    I suggest doing this. Download and install the current AMD chipset drivers and then the current AMD video drivers (in this order with a restart between installations). This could be a related APM (power management issue that the chipset drivers could help mitigate). See below:

    BTW, I would still disable sleep and hibernate and just power down when not in use.
  8. I will try this when I get home and will let you know in this post if it works. Thanks.
  9. Good luck!
  10. COLGeek said:
    Good luck!

    Should I use the WHQL or the beta version? Because I already have the beta installed. Should I uninstalled it and install the AMD Chipset driver first and then the Driver? (Restart in between installation)
  11. No, don't use the beta version. Use the 13.9 version linked earlier for best results.

    I would uninstall all AMD software from your rig and then install the 13.9 chipset and video drivers to ensure a good baseline is in place.
  12. But will the 13.9 version works well while playing the latest game?
  13. Maybe even better. Keep in mind that a beta driver has not been fully tested yet and can have other issues. Still, if you insist on using, install the 13.9 chipset drivers and then the beta drivers (which could be causing your issue).
  14. Well, apparently I got another BSOD saying IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL whenever I'm installing th chipset driver.
    Well, I did go ahead and install the old chipset driver which is 13.1 and works.
  15. Is it stable otherwise?
  16. Well, it works as for now. Tried shut it down and turn it on a couple time and it works. Maybe if in the future it still show this symptoms, I'll post it again in this threads thanks.
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