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MoBo(Which?) / GPU (650tiBoost/High/720p+) Future proof?- queries!

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November 7, 2013 8:45:39 AM

for budget mine is like INR 40,000 (which is like 500$ * 60rs = 30k INR + 20-25 % tax )
actually its even lower so meh :s

so i have been planning for upgrade since long ,
i have decided the following contents:

Overclocking: Yes / CPU (surely) + GPU (undoubtedly)!
SLI/Crossfire: if i get Mobo under budget with SLI and all other required features , then i will go for a SLI setup otherwise single for now
FUture: i will be using this PC For like 3+ years :s hopefully to get good performance of 60~ FPS! at my res which is 1360 x 768 / High-Medium presets!
some example of games : Assassin Creed IV / III / Liberation, Battlefield 4 , COD Ghosts , GTA V (whenever it comes), Watch Dogs, etc... or the any game that coming so far in a year or so :) 
and may be replaying Old games like , Tomb Raider 2013, Bishock Infinite with some decent FPS .

CPU: FX 6300 - 6Core CPU ( 8000 INR )
Case: Cooler master Elite 431 black / Cooler master K281 ( 4500 INR / 3500 INR )
Cpu Cooler: CM Hyper 212 Evo ( 2700 INR )
PSU: Corsair CX 500W / or a Cooler Master Thunder? ( 4000 INR)
RAM: 4gb / 8Gb ( 1333/1600mhz , depend on MoBo chosen ) ( 4GB 2500 / 8GB 3800~ INR )
HDD: 500gb/1TB | WD Caviar Blue( 4000 INR )
Total: approx 25000 INR

about gpu:
650ti boost 2GB - ( 13370 INR )
will i be able to reach in most of new games at 1366x 768 resolution to Medium + settings ?
i want actualy high setting gameplays
also i am looking forward to RECORD gameplays with little drops in FPS!
a GTX 760 was my choice earlier all time but i cannot get it in my Budget :/ 

Motherboard] i have selected so far were: ( MAX I CAN TAKE IS 6-7K INR )
Gigabyte - GA 78LMT USB3

Any SLI mobo in 6000INR price range with below features aswell ? ?

i want a USB 3 setup with atleast 1333Mhz ram , and a good Overclocking Solution for AM3+ (6 core FX 6300 CPU)

More about : mobo gpu 650tiboost high 720p future proof queries

November 7, 2013 8:58:28 AM

On 720p with 650ti Boost you will get great fps, either on medium or high settings
November 7, 2013 9:01:45 AM

maurelie said:
On 720p with 650ti Boost you will get great fps, either on medium or high settings

Thats what i am believing , thanks for quick reply :) 
first Post Updated with more queries regarding Motherboard!

p.s: may be some Parts may not be listed on FlipKart , you guys can try recommended it if it again comes into budget , i will check for availability in here afterwards :')

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November 7, 2013 9:22:27 AM

maurelie said:
The motherboards you have listed are not so good, here are some other motherboards to consider.

Both support SLI/Crossfire and RAM more than 1333Mhz and you can overclock with ease.

nice reply might chose ASRock 970 Extreme 3:

would love to know a bit of Mobo , it would solver purpose and OC FX 6300 CPU to 4.0Ghz , without issue as you said :p  ?

also PSU is it enough?


Best solution

November 7, 2013 9:40:33 AM

Yes it can overclock almost with out no issues. About your PSU, lets say it's ok, just don't go too far with the overclocking of the CPU and GPU