Best graphics card for three monitors (HP Compact 6300 Pro)

Looking to buy a desktop / workstation graphics card to support 3x 27in monitors (DVI preferd)
I have a HP Compact 6300 Pro Microtower - I belive it's a 2.0 16x PCI < Am I right?

Looking for a card in the $64.99 - 124.99 that will support three monitors.

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  1. You likely won't find three DVI outputs for that price range. Your best bet is to use an HDMI to DVI conversion cable such as:

    with a graphics card that has two DVI outputs, such as:

    HDMI and DVI use the same signaling for the video portion of their signals, so you will not actually be converting the signal, just adapting it from the HDMI port on the card.

    One caveat however is that both DVI outputs are not guaranteed to be dual-link. You might check the requirements for your displays to see if this will be a concern for you.
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