Is 2gb enough for 5760x1080?

I'm looking at possibly replacing my pair of GTX 465s with a single 2gb GTX 770 because it is on sale, but in looking at the 770s on newegg I see alot of 4gb cards for sale now. I haven't played any games at 5760x1080 yet, can anyone with some experience at 3 screen gaming tell me how much VRAM a game like Battlefield 3 or Crysis 3 uses at that resolution?
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  1. You will be needing maybe at least 3gb to keep a good framerate at that kind of resolution on those kinds of games. So the 4gb cards are a good option. But if you're not limited to Nvidia, R9 280x 3GB is also a great option for you (a lot cheaper as well)
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