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I just got a 780 classified and want to push it to where the temps are in the 70's.

Yesterday I got to 1250MHz with no extra power boost in Precision X and was at 60C. The OSD also said the voltage was at 1.16mv.

What would be the best way to continue to push it further? What is the max safe voltage for my card? What is the best stability tester?
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  1. If you're looking to stress test your card for overclocking, I would recommend running a benchmarking program like OCCT or Furmark.
  2. So what do I have to look at for when I overclock? I know a GPU is unstable if your seeing artifacts. So If you have an good temps, no artifacts and a safe voltage can you continue to push or is there more you have to look for?
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    The most important thing to look for is stability, if your GPU runs the overclock but can only handle full load for 10 minutes, then you'll want to look at changing your overclock to a more stable one.
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