My all folders become of 147 kb

I have an external drive of Seagate 500 GB and my problem is that , today when i connect this HDD with my laptop one of its partition,s each folders become of 147 kb and other files which are not in folders are working fine
problem is noly with the data inside the folders
i have check the property of the folder it show partions is full
plz help me
i already face this problem in the past with same HDD then i was format it and then recovered my data but this is a very long process and some data is lost also
Please help me
Thanks in advance!!
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    i have solved my problem by the help of my brother , it was infected by virus ,and that folders of 147 kb are short cuts and orignal folders are hidden
    i just plug it in another computer in which antivirus was installed just scan it and delete the viruses and just un hide hidden folders that it!
    Thanks to all of them who read it anyway
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