Can I SLI an MSI GTX 670 PE with a Gigabyte GTX 670 OC?

As the title says. I already own the MSI, but I may have a decent angle on a gigabyte 670 OC. I have given up getting a second MSI since the 670 PEs still seem to command a hefty premium, even now.
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  1. yes but they both will run at the clock speed of the slower one
  2. Yes, you can SLI two different brands' cards as long as they're both the same model (i.e. 670s).
    HOWEVER Look here. According to the rebate date, this deal ends today. It's $70 cheaper than the Gigabyte one according to Pcpartpicker.
  3. As long as the GPU is the same, then YES you can
  4. Thank you all.

    Adam: I'm Canadian, so I can't take full advantage of the really good deals at newegg. :(
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