External HDD problem

Hdd Fails to run when i copy files..

it stops functioning..and gets a new hardware notification in my computer
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  1. It could be a bad connections between the drive and PC. Or the USB cable gone bad. Or the caddy/enclosure is faulty.

    First make sure the connection is good. If that doesn't work then try to replace the USB cable or caddy.

    Another thing you can try, place the external HDD directly to the MB by opening/breaking the caddy.
  2. Tried another wire too...:(

    its still the same :(
  3. we didsnt use it for 6-7 months..after the first RUn..i.e
    we jus copied 2-3 photos..

    now as i started using it..

    it shows up the above mentioned problem :(
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    You can do another thing, that is CHKDSK from CMD, see what happens. And try to plug the HDD directly to the MB, look at my earlier post.
  5. Warranty will be void if i do that..
  6. Yes.
  7. Thats y m asking a alternative....
  8. If its under warranty then its better to RMA, a solid alternative. Or you could try it on another system, or OS. And please try to write full words and sentences, it will help us read.
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