Intel (R) Core i7 4820k VS Intel (R) Core i7 980x

Hey guys,

I am getting a system exchange from Dell and they are wanting to exchange my 980x for the 4820k. When my CPU was being sold 2 years ago it was worth $1000. The 4820k they are offering me now is only worth $350. Is this a fair exchange or should I be complaining that the CPU isn't good enough?

I would really appreciate some input here guys. Thanks for your time.
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  1. Well in all honesty it depends what your doing with it.. Most situations I don't think you would be able to see a real world difference between the 2.. The 980x is more expensive because its basically a factory overclocked cpu. On the other hand the 4820k is a little less speed but is overclockable to a higher speed. Like I said though your not going to see any real huge difference between the 2 except maybe on price.
  2. The i7 980x is a 6-core processor. The equivalent current-gen processor would be the i7-4960x or at the very least the slightly underclocked version i7-4930k.

    The i7-4820k is a quad-core processor that is much closer to the i7-4770k in performance, with the major difference between the two being the socket type and thus motherboards they use.

    That being said, the i7-4820k will still probably perform better than the i7-980x in most applications due to improved single-threaded performance and higher clock speeds (though the difference won't be staggering). The only areas where you will see loss of performance are heavily-threaded applications. If you can get Dell to give you one of the Ivy Bridge-E 6-cores as a replacement, great, but a 4820k would still probably be a fair trade.
  3. So although the 4820k is a cheaper processor, it still performs about 15% better than your current 980x at stock speeds (referring to CPU Benchmark).

    If it's a straight exchange - as in you pay no money - then I'd say go for it. Not only are they upgrading your processor, they are also upgrading your motherboard to the newer technology for free. Though you should try to see if you can push them into giving you a higher end one, stating the same thing as your logic behind it. You might get lucky and get a free upgrade.
    Though to be honest, if this was me, I'd do it either way :)
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    Benchmarks are such BS.

    I just built a system with a 4820K and I can tell you that it's not as fast as a 980x. Anything really intensive like Battlefield 4 your going to notice choppy-ness. I'm going to attempt to overclock mine a bit and see.

    Thinking about returning it though and going back to my old system.
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