Windows 8.1 Bug

I have a downloaded HTML page with one of those excessively long titles. The new Win8.1 says too long can't delete, copy or move


In the past you could correct by renaming one of these monsters.

Also other have told me on Public PC's with "Boot to Desktop" option in 8.1 there is no ability to choose language/login.

Very half butt solution to giving back the start menu.

There is no CONTINUITY [not shouting] - There is no regard for LOST MAN HOURS over relearning the skills already possessed. I know others will argue new features to help productivity nature of computing blah blah. To them I say: this Spring 2014 all shoes will be designed with the arches on the outside so adjust your feet accordingly.
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  1. Guess that's the risk one takes when changing immediately to a recently released OS, there will be bugs here and there for a few months.

    You could always go back to your previous windows version.
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Windows 8 HTML Bug