Can I Connect 3 Monitors to My HP Pavilion? ATI Radeon HD 5450 (My Question with Pictures...)

Hello all:
I'm a total rookie, so be nice :)

I'm trying to connect a 3rd monitor to my computer, already have 2 set up. But can't seem to get the 3rd monitor to set up properly.

Here's my setup...with pictures:
- I have an HP Pavilion Elite HPE
- Windows 7
- ATI Radeon HD 5450
- Here's a picture of the back of my computer showing all my hookups: (You will see my 2 monitors setup up via HDMI and DVI).
- Also in that image of the back of my computer, it shows that I have another DVI or VGA hookup available. Neither of these hookups work for my 3rd monitor for some reason.
- Here's a picture of my Monitor configuration on Windows: . Notice that windows says there is "Another Display Output on: ATI Radeon HD 5450". But is that really the case.

I'm hoping that my computer setup is capable of handling a 3rd monitor. If so, please let me know how to do it.

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  1. Those additional hookups are for your motherboard / processor's onboard video. You have to choose either onboard video or a discrete graphics card, you can't piggy back off them (as far as I know) to get 3 monitors. You will likely have to get a different video card that supports 3 monitors in order to make that setup work. It looks like the 5450 will support 3 monitors, but only if it has a displayport and not HDMI (so your card will not be able to do it). See here:
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    What is you final goal ?
    - Extend you desktop to all 3 monitors
    - Eyfinity ....
    Actualy you can`t use all conectros on the back of the PC at the same time - that is not possible.
    The VGA and the DVI with the blue marks are the one on the Mainboard GPU
    If yo dont have PCE ATI 5450 you gonna use this 2 to connect monitors
    When you install PCE GPU they are NOT ACTIVE - NOT USABLE
    You use the conectors one the PCE GPU card
    In you case you have only DVI and HDMI
    The only way to connect next one 3-d monitor is to use DVI Y cable spliter - but you may have the same pictures on the both DVI outputs :

    the other solutions is with active DVI Spliter :
  3. I was hoping to extend my desktop ideally. But, sounds like I'm out of luck unless I buy some additional hardware. Thanks for taking a look guys!
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