Opinions on my first custom water cooling loop

To think I would come this far, just 5 months ago I only gamed on consoles, i decided to try PC gaming with a $700 budget and it has quickly escalated into an almost $2,000 PC. I am 16 years old so I don't really have a job so you would probably ask yourself, where do i get this kind of money? Simple, I have ads on craigslist for custom gaming builds. i build them and charge for it, good enough to provide for my gaming needs,

Anyways, back to the topic! The other day i said to myself, hmmm let's build a custom water cooling loop! So i went to Youtube and saw some tutorials and felt like a master!. I ordered my WC parts and built it! It was around $260 for the loop and $40 shipping, so In total I spent around $300. How did I do? Do you like it?

I'm cooling an i7 4770k.

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  1. Looks pretty good, my only comment would be to cut down your tubing, the tubes could cause problems in the future. Not bad though, not bad.
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    great job looks nice.

    some 3-way 90's are a good upgrade item, as well some anti kink coils, they work great.
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