My PC shut itself off and won't come back on

My PC shut itself off and won't come back on.
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  1. They tend to do this when something fails. What were you doing? What were the temps? Were there any other indications of something going bad.
  2. The computer was running loud and had shutdown once before. the tower seemed warm but not really hot.
  3. Running loud means that the fans were running at high speed. It most likely a heat issue. When was the last time you cleaned the dust out of your case.
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    Bad power supply, bad motherboard or heat issues. Ongoing heat issues can cause both the motherboard and power supply to fail, as well as the CPU and even RAM.

    Clean out the case, check over the motherboard for any issues with the capacitors (they should all be flat and silver, no black dots or puffiness), try to turn it on again.
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