What type of RAM should I use?

Hello everyone! I'm thinking about getting more RAM for my laptop. I'm a moderate gamer, My budget for RAM is up to about 200 dollars. Here's my specs.

AMD A8-4500M Processor (APU) (1.9GHz)
750 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
Please make sure the RAM is compatible with what I have.
Thank you for anything and everything!
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    Please make sure the RAM is compatible with what I have

    That's not possible since the system specifications you've posted are all irrelevant as far as RAM compatibility is concerned.

    Your best option is to go to the Crucial website and either select the make and model of your laptop, or use their system scanner:

    having identified the type of RAM you need, Crucial will also offer you compatible RAM modules which you can buy direct from them. There prices are usually hard to beat.
  2. I think you are just fine with 6 GB of RAM. It will serve the moderate/high gaming purpose. Are you getting hang-ups or your Lappy slowing down, if not, then no need to increase RAM right now.

    And what is the Lappy make/model ?
  3. Thank you both of you!
  4. Actually being an AMD APU you will want 1866 speed ram at minimum and avoid 6gb of ram. You'll want to run in dual channel mode which means matched pairs of ddr3 sticks so you either be getting 4gb or 8gb. I would recommend 8gb since the built-in graphics card uses your system ram for memory. Devote 2gb to it and that ill leave you 6gb for windows & programs to use.
  5. You are welcome.
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