Will Battlefield 4 work for my PC?

Intel core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50 GHz
64 bit operating system, x 64-based processor
Intel HD graphics 4000

I installed BF4 into my computer easily, but every time I start the game it crashed before it even gets to the main menu. any advice is greatly appreciated
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    Intel HD400 graphics? AFAIK there is no way that is enough for the minimum requirements, which is an 8800GT. You are several steps below that with the Intel onboard graphics as you can see HERE.

    Sorry but if you want to run BF4 you will need to buy a desktop machine that has very good graphic support.

    Your best (i.e. cheapest) bet would be to sell your copy of BF4 to a friend for as much as you can get and then buy a console and console version of the game.
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