Windows just keeps rebooting after i changed somting in BIOS to OC

Hey i got problem i wanted to overclock.Okay i just restarted my computer and i clicked f2 and i got to the bios panel or somting then i waz just changing these setting and then i clicked F9-Setup Defaults and i just clicked F9 and he asked Y/N? i just clicked Y then i clicked F10 there he again asked Y/N and i clicked Y computer waz Rebooting and now he keeps rebooting ); need really fast a best aswner
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  1. Hi

    General solution which is the best chance of solving problem of corrupt cmos configuration settings

    disconnect mains power

    read motherboard manual to find location of cmos reset switch or jumper on motherboard

    reset cmos settings using switch or jumper wait a minute
    & replace jumper to default position

    reconnect power & try again

    If this works get into bios again
    you may need to reset date & time

    best of luck

    Mike Barnes
  2. Hey i not got a motherborad manual and jumper
  3. We need to know the make and model of your motherboard.
  4. Intel DP35DP i already tryed the battery and jumper but i dont hve manual );
  5. Ninachen said:
    Intel DP35DP i already tryed the battery and jumper but i dont hve manual );

    Get the manual here:


    EDIT: For troubleshooting and compatibility issues:

  6. Okay I open MY computer Case. Now my computer wont turn on But When i click Power button Fans only littel bit moving and stops and orange light starts blinking.But i dont have dell computer and i have tryed like 3 PSU but wont.Is that problem is CPU?
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