motherboard does not have enough fan plugings what to do?????????????

ok so i built this pc and there is 3 chassis fan connectors(chan_fans) i have 5 case fan. The only other plugs for fans i have are power fan(pwr_fans) (note that my power fan does not need to connect to the motherboard) and the other plug for a fan is the second cpu fan plug(cpu_fan2)(note that i already have a fan connect to the cpu).

so here is my question can i plug in my 2 other case fan into the power fan and the cpu fan???

here are is a video of my motherboard and a pic of the connectors.


the video
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    As long as the pins match the plugs, there shouldn't be a problem. That is, if your fan is a 4-pin, don't connect it to a 3-pin. Also be aware that if you upgrade your system to a component that uses a fan and the instructions tell you to connect it to the CPU_FAN2, you won't be able to. So you'll have to keep in mind the new limitations when you purchase new components. That doesn't mean don't buy the upgrade; it means you will need to re-assess your fan situation before you do.
  2. You can use molex connecters to your power supply as well.
  3. Yep. Molex to fan splitter. Cheap adapter. More than likely you have a few extra molex's dangling around in there.
  4. scoobydenon said:
    You can use molex connecters to your power supply as well.

    Yes, this is a fairly cheap alternative. Unless your fan comes with its own individual controller, just be aware that the fan will run at 100% all the time. If you don't want it to run at full speed all the time, you will need to buy a fan controller.
  5. ok guys thanks for all the help.
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