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Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy a nice gaming laptop that would hopefully be on sale on Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

I would like it to be able to be a replacement desktop so that I can play games such as Battlefield 4 on high graphics smoothly. I don't intend to buy another laptop for another 3-4 years so I would like this new laptop to be able to keep up with the new games until then.

I would like the monitor size to no less than 15 inches. The bigger the better.

As for price range, I am willing to spend a little over $2000 on the laptop, but great deals for Black Friday / Cyber Monday are also of interest to me.

If I need to answer more questions to help clarify specifics, please feel free to ask away.

Thank you in advanced for your help.

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  1. Why a laptop? a $2000 will be more than enough to build a pretty high end pc. It sure will perform 2x or more than a laptop.
  2. Highly unlikely (unless you're able to upgrade the graphics of the laptop) that it will play today's and tomorrow's games at a high level three to four years from now. However, if you're looking for upcoming Black Friday deals, here's a place that keeps track of deals as the news is released: Slickdeals - Black Friday. When a store releases it's Black Friday deals, they're usually listed here fairly quickly.

    -Wolf sends
  3. I understand a desktop would be a better buy, but my lifestyle requires me to be able to play on the go.
  4. If you're in the United States I doubt you'll find any deals better then what CyberPower PC offers as well as there configuration options.
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    Check out sager. They have quality laptops and are usually much cheaper than other vendors but you still get the power. Plus they are customizable and you can choose the screen size you want. Also check out xoticpc. I would not do cyberpowerpc. Sager gets there laptops from Clevo who are hands down the best quality laptop maker. Most boutique, high - end laptop vendors get their laptops from clevo. I am not sure if cyberpowerpc does.
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