URGENT-Building my PC, CPU Error, and CPU heating up

I just got everything together to build my PC.

Connected my the Video Card, Ram, 24 PIn connector and 8 Pin connector to CPU, and also the CPU.

I also flashed the BIOS because I knew it didn't support the 4930k, it installed perfectly fine.

I turn it on via shorting the power header, or the start button on the board itself, and it went into the UEFI to adjust settings. I didn't want to adjust anything just wanted the system to tell me, oh hey you don't have any hard drive or an OS, so I can't continue. So I exited the UEFI, the computer reset, and its posting, then just shuts off. I did it again to get the error code. It's
5A(Internal CPU Error).

When installing the CPU, when I was closing the handles, it's actually kind of hard to do so.
I installed the CPU the only way it was possible to install, and I tried putting it in other ways as well, still nothing. So I could only put it one way.

I DID just find out that the other 8 pin CPU connector splits into 2 4 PIN connectors, so I just connected that. I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

Is there anything I'm missing? Was it the 4 pin connector?


Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
CPU: i7 4930k


Computer tells me it doesn't recognize my boot device, that's what I wanted but 5A, is still part of the POSTing numbers I see, and also the temp of the CPU is 84 degrees Celsius.
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