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I need to upgrade my Pentium D processor so I can game on my XPS 400. I have 4GB of RAM and Windows 7 ultimate... just need the extra push to get this thing ready for iRacing, which honestly doesn't need much to get going.
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    if it was me, i'd save up and get an entirely new rig.
    Pentium D is hot, and i mean hot, how is your temp?

    getting a new one, even low end ones will be a lot faster than what you have.

    but for your upgrade, it depends on your board, go check what are the supported cpu's, and note the bios version that is needed. You will probably have to flash, good luck
  2. The XPS 400 supports Pentium 4 or Pentium D processors only and does not support either the Core2Duo or Quad core processors.

    After you upgrade to the latest BIOS version, you should be able to upgrade to a Pentium D 960 3.6GHz
  3. I know this question is a year old but for anyone still considering upgrading a Dell XPS 400 (aka Dimension 9150) i can confirm: just upgraded mine to a Pentium D 960 [SL9AP]. Also added a $75 SSD (Adata SP900) and ditched the original GPU w/Hypermemory in favor of a $30 NVIDIA w/1GB DDR3 RAM. It's obviously not a modern gaming rig but it runs audio (MP3 FLAC ISOs) and video (AVI MP4 MOV MKV 1080p) without any chopping at all. It's great for everyday use, very glad i did it.

    Only caveat: due to Dell mobo limitation Windows 7x64 only sees 3.5GB RAM (installed: 4x1GB DDR2 PC2-6400). Had i known this before installing7x64 i probly would've gone w/7x32 instead. Still runs great tho.
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