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hello. I have a Belkin router. I don't know what model. I could look if you need. Lately, & I mean past 6 months or so. Every blue moon, well more like2 days a week. I surf the web go on YouTube and then all of a sudden the connectivity is gone. The connectivity icon then has a yellow warning sign saying that there is no connection.the router is hooked up to our modem provided by the ISP.then from the router to the PC. Wireless connectivity has never had an issue. But the ethernet cable. I have tried a brand new one as well, so I know it is not the ethernet cable.I would like to hook up either net cable to my Ps4 when it comes in a week. To get better connection via ethernet cable. But I don't want to be lagging out of games because is connection drop outs.if you could help. This would be very very helpful to me and thank you. If you need more info please comment. Thanks again bye
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  1. check if there is a firmware update for the router and it could be overheathing see this also the wireless is from the modem or the router .
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    It may be the port on the router is acting up. Try moving your cable to a different port on the router.
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