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ok hello everyone. so i have recently upgraded from windows 7 to 8 as well have bough a new high end laptop. the issue i having is playing games (eg, tomb raider on med-high settings) on old laptop (win 7) never had memory issues. now though on new laptop (win 8.1) im having warnings of low memory while playing games: cod ghost, tomb raider and others. but before u say upgrade ram i am at 16 GB ram and when these warning pop up task manager shows im using less then 30% of ram??? what is happening here. i tried googling this but was hard to describe. i have heard of an issue with a file in win 8 that stores long term ram info for storage and heard that if this fills up that win 8 freaks out even if i got ample ram.

also if i ignore the warning and continue to play i have found no issue with that so idk.

please any help tweaks or fixes would be great thanks.

links for laptop:


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  1. Hi, Just a guess. If using Google chrome, try uninstalling it and see if still the same.
    Try also disabling unneeded applications running in background (use msconfig / startup).
    Updating the Windows might also help:
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