Need to know how CPU behaves when It is fried

Hello community,

I turned on one of the desktop without having a heat sink attached with it.After 1 minute it alarmed and shutdown.I just wanted to see the bios and quick shut it down.After putting on the heat sink it was good 1/2 hour then alarmed again and shut down.I ran it again then it 10-15 minute alarmed and shut down.The time was decreasing.Now when I power it up it alarms and shutdown.What can be the reason? Is it damaged?
It is a old machine ,I dont bother a lot but need to know what happened really
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  1. did you put new thermal paste on the bottom of the heat sink?? if not the heat sink cant move heat away from the cpu. if you did run the cpu into an over heat clear the cmos so that the mb resets if it errors out and shuts off you killed the cpu.
  2. You may have toasted the CPU or when you remounted the cooler you did not use new thermal paste!
  3. Which CPU is it? Old CPUs (first-gen P4 and non-64bits AMD - particularly those before IHS) could literally fry themselves. Newer CPUs than that have internal thermal protections that should spare CPUs from self-destruction most of the time.

    Have you tried removing the HSF, cleaning the old paste, re-applying new paste and re-seating the HSF?
  4. Yes I cleared the old thermal and re pasted new paste on it.By the way It is AMD 64 Athlon II
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    If the cooler is properly attached most likely toasted CPU.
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