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I just bought a new laptop about a month ago and the hard drive stopped working. HP would not replace my faulty product so I just got a new hard drive. I finally replaced it and put everything back together, ran all checks with a PASS and I created a bootable USB with windows 8 on it and the laptop wont detect it. what am I doing wrong? It is a HP Pavilion 15-b100 Sleekbook (no disc drive) and also, I already configured the bios so that the usb is checked first and i have secure boot disabled.still no luck /:
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  1. 1. Ensure Windows 8 USB key is plugged in before entering BIOS
    2.Press F2 to enter BIOS or System Setup and click Advanced
    3.Set SATA Mode to AHCI
    4. On the 'Boot ' tab set 'Boot List Mode' to UEFI
    5. Set Secure Boot to Disabled
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