please help me find a suitable low budget graphics card and make my computer suitable for games. (config. included)

I dont know if i am doing it wrong.. i am new on this site so sorry

At present i cant play ANY game.
so i have an intel core i3-2100 CPU with 3.10 GHz
4 gb of ram and 32 bit system. How ever i dont think i have a video card or if i do have it, its pretty basic. even while opening the applications like spider solitaire it flashes a warning "hardware acceleration is turned off or is not supported by your video card"
looking through the display info, i got this:
name: standard VGA graphics adapter
adapter type: not available
adapter ram: not available
installed drivers: not available
color planes: not available
color table entries: not available
resolution: not available

i dont know what to make out of this.. i seriously have no technical knowledge.
i have a resolution of 1366x768.

i want a card that can support games coming in the next years, but a medium to low setting will do. i dont necessarily want high setting (i guess that needs a more costly card)

please help me, and suggest ways i can make my PC compatible for gaming. it would be a GREAT help.. and if you can explain things in detail it would be really really awesome.
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    Ok heres 3 starting at a 7770 radeon.

    Then a 7790

    Then 7850

    You can game on all these the last one best the first one least hope this helps from The radeon side!

    Just my 2 cents!
  2. That sounds like a laptop. There's nothing you can do. You're stuck with Intel graphics.
  3. What is your budget ?
  4. Ahh I thought he was talking about a box my bad.
    just my 2 cents!
  5. its not a laptop.. its a pretty weak desktop computer.
    my budget is.. i dont know how to explain it in your currency.. but its about $100
    plus, is my RAM sufficient?
  6. Look at my links there all around 100 and hope this helps..

    Just my 2 cents!
  7. Somethings that would help, model number of the computer.

    Do you know if the video driver was loaded?

    What Operating System?

    Go to Run and type in dxdiag, look under the display tab and it should tell you what kind of video you have.

    What country do you live in and your budget in local money, some countries have different prices for the same video cards.
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