Computer Freezes Randomly - What Is it?

Hey guys thanks for reading this. I bought a computer in August and about a month after it began to reboot on it's own, randomly. I tried many software troubleshoots to fix it but nothing worked. A month ago I got fed up with it and decided to RMA the mobo, since it was what I thought it was. It came back and the problem continued. A few days ago I took out one stick of RAM (4gb each) and it doesn't reboot anymore so that's a plus. I thought it was fixed until it started freezing on me. First it would freeze on whatever it was doing (even idle) and just display that image, frozen. Keyboard and mouse were also frozen and CTRL + ALT + DELETE didn't work. Also the screen would project small, blue, vertical lines but they were hardly noticeable. Today it kept freezing but not it freezes and just shows a blue screen (not the BSOD) with black vertical lines on it. I still think it may be the memory and I got some bad RAM or something. Please help me, I have a YouTube channel that needs some attention right now but I can't do it without a fully functional PC that who knows when it'll crash. Thanks! :)

AMD FX-6300 Six-Core 3.5ghz CPU
ATI Radeon HD 4250 (Integrated GPU)
4gb DDR3 RAM (currently)
Biostar A880GZ Motherboard
500w PSU
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  1. Did you try to re install windows? maybe it would help.
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    Try raising the CPU/NB voltage + 0.07 and let me know what particular set of DRAM you have (the model #)
  3. Tradesman1 said:
    Try raising the CPU/NB voltage + 0.07 and let me know what particular set of DRAM you have (the model #)

    Hey man thanks for replying and sorry for not replying for a while. I got a bsod on the pc so I stopped trying to fix manually. I took it to a technician but he didn't want to touch it because the mobo had gone in for RMA and he might have disrupted the warranty. Every time the computer restarts it reboots on start up (bios screen, welcome screen, etc.) and it takes a lot of tries for it to fully boot up.

    As for your advice, I overclocked it and that didn't help :(
    I don't know what you mean by the model number but the tag on the RAM says:
    DDRIII 1333 4GB

    Thanks again and hopefully you can help me with with what you know.
  4. Can you look in CPU-Z in the SPD tab under Part Number - should have the model # until then - make sure you have the latest BIOS, reseat the DRAM then as above raise CPU/nb the + 0.07 and the DRAM voltage + 0.05
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